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Shivam Group of companies has rooted its influence in the Nepalese coterie for decades, being the flag bearers of prestigious and trustworthy business leaders. With values, precision and ethics passed on from generation to generation, Shivam Group has been a synonym for exceptional quality products, preferable financial connoisseurs, and exceptional services. Shivam Group has spread its wings across several business acumens. Still, it has maintained a consistent supply chain of good quality products and services and an even better interpersonal equation with its global business patrons. We have always been looking out for opportunities and partners who are willing to envision our vision.

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Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to

Deliver Services



That create unprecedented value for our clients, masses, and ecosystem

Our vision is to be recognized as the business leader where

Efficient Services


Trading Practices

Are acknowledged on a global platform with a comprehensive objective of making this world more optimal, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Our Core Values

Positive and fostering feeling of empowerment.

Honesty, trust, and transparency with our clients and masses.

Productive opportunities for expansiveness in business.

Making integrity our valuable asset in business.

Quality that inspires excellence.

Our Products and Services


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Bituminous Products

Nepal being an under developed nation has been trying to move towards being a developing country and has been building infrastructures to support this development. One of the most important infrastructures for development is road and Shivam group is proud to be a part of this development with supplying the highest quality Bitumen and bituminous products for strong and long lasting Roads. Shivam Group has been associated with high-level and mid-level construction companies providing them with supreme quality bituminous products and supplying 60% of the market requirement of bitumen in Nepal. Shivam Group has been associated as exclusive distributors of the following companies that promise sheer quality.


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As the automotive industry undergoes a phase of transformation, the world steadily moves toward a renaissance of opting for an eco-friendly outlook towards automotive innovation. To make Nepal a more eco-friendly, greener, and healthier hub, Shivam group has partnered with companies that cater to both two-wheelers and four-wheelers that are completely electrical while being affordable. Shivam Group has been associated as exclusive distributors of the following many to make Nepal go green.


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Heavy Equipments

Nepal is moving towards being a developing country that’s gradually advancing towards mechanical and engineering support to match the pace of its economically grown counterparts. Shivam Group has been an upbeat provider of heavy equipment throughout Nepal, contributing to various roadways, highways, ports, and more such projects by providing them with crawlers, excavators, backhoe loaders, cranes, and road rollers. Shivam Group has been associated as exclusive distributors of the many companies providing the best quality advanced heavy equipment.


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Nepal being a holiday destination, attracts many tourists every year. In an attempt to introduce the travelers to authentic Nepalese cuisine, Shivam Group established “Bajeko Sekuwa” Shivam Group operates four outlets within Kathmandu city, while seven are franchised within and outside the valley. Inan attempt to open the doors of Nepalese cuisine to avid food lovers, Shivam group has franchised two outlets of the same in the USA, which have been running successfully since 2018.


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Food & Feed

Though Nepal has been an agriculture based economy but it has never really been self- sufficient on accounts of food grains and crop consumption. Though a certain percentage of the Nepalese economy has been generated from agriculture, it has never been enough to cater to diverse edible requirements. Shivam group has been an ardent importer of premium quality food products from every corner of the world to serve the needs of the people in Nepal with in-house processing. Shivam group has also actively been exporting specialties of their land to the Middle East and Bangladesh.


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Every country, in an attempt to improvise its constructional avenue, requires the right components assuring good quality supplies and a structurally strong and efficient base. Nepal is witnessing a rapid growth in construction, uplifting the rehabilitation facilities for people. Shivam Group has been manufacturing and supplying ACC bricks for years, helping construction companies to build their projects in Nepal. Alongside, Shivam Group has not only been importing pulses from other countries but also has in-house state-of-the-art processing facilities, further distributing it to the vendors/masses providing the highest quality products.


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Real Estate Development

The burst of the real estate market in Nepal has seen a remarkable rise in the last decade. Switching from basic civilization to modernity has grown to a significant level giving rise to fabulous real estate development and revenue generation.ShivamGrouphasdivulgeditsinterest increating townships in Nepal that meet the needs of modern investors, local people, and real estate enthusiasts and has been carrying developments under its below company.


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Banking & Finance

One amongst many sister businesses of the Shivam group of companies has its proliferation into the sector of banking and finance. With intent to cultivate opportunities and financial support for the people of Nepal, Shivam group of companies has been an active promoter of the bank mentioned below to help change the economic landscape of the Nepalese community


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Nepal’s rich water resources with many creeks and tributaries raise the opportunity to generate electricity and cater to the nation’s domestic demands for power generation. Shivam Group has been an active promoter of North Summit Hydropower in Nepal to upgrade its hydropower potential in an organic format. Shivam group of companies is associated with the following to help regulate the environment and create a foundation for hydropower to flourish.

A Message From Founder

Innovation, quality, and dedication have always been the driving force for our business, and our aspiration has only strengthened. With decades towards our business institution that operates over nine diverse sectors, our commitment to grow as a corporation while maintaining growth, supreme quality, and customer loyalty has been an imperative covenant owing to our business magnification. I am continually assured by the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial quality Shivam Group has displayed, owing to its dedicated team. Business ethics followed that has only added exceptional value to all the wings our corporation is spread across. Envisioning our future, we as a team, Shivam Group, opens its' horizons for constructive proposals that lead to improved performance, equity value creation, and mutual welfare of those associated with us.

Pawan Shah,

Managing Director.

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